Skol Marbella 50th Anniversary - The Skol Today

The Skol Holiday Apartment Complex in MarbellaAt the crossroads of the new century. The Skol Marbella continues loyal to its original idea of offering apartments for residential and tourist use, where various generations of residents and owners enjoy the warmth of Marbella’s climate and its people, the strategic location bordering the sea in the centre of town allows the visitors a relaxing seaside vacation whilst benefiting from all the services that a city can provide.

The Skol Marbella Beachfront Holiday ApartmentsThe building’s residents feel at home and are optimistic toward the future as the necessary reforms are made to the building in order to keep up with the times, and maintain its position of excellence, such as the restaurant Da Bruno Sul Mare excellent installations, the Completely Marbella Café, the garden and the Irish pub. 

It is in the summer, with full occupancy, that one appreciates that the original concept lives on, thanks to the excellent quality of the accommodation and the number of visitors from all over the world that keep returning every year and considered as ‘part of the family’.

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